Demo Tour

WissKI is used by a variety of projects and institutions. The WissKI project currently provides three demo WissKI Systems that are open for playing and testing. The first one is the CIDOC 2011 Demo WissKI about the famous artist Albrecht Dürer, the second one is the GNM-RBA, containing a living set of data of the current exhibition at the GNM. The last one is the WissKI Prototype presented at CIDOC 2010 in Shanghai, China.

CIDOC 2011 (Albrecht Dürer)

The WissKI System presented at the CIDOC 2011 can be found at You can access the System as a visitor with username "guest" and password "GUEST" at the login page.

In this IB ImageSystem you are allowed to create new content and to navigate and search existing content. These functions can be accessed by the main menu buttons at the upper right corner. A good starting point is the node about the object "Self-Portrait in a wig".

Have a look at the underlying semantics of the data IB Imagedirectly via  the  triples tab or explore the  graph network in its three different stages of complexity. 

Feel free to create nodes on your own, use the semantic text editor to write texts about persons, buildings and objects or insert data via form fields (persons, buildings, objects) and link your data dynamically to existing knowledge in the knowledge base and the linked authorities. If you want to have a deeper insight into the system administration and the WissKI Core, if you encounter any problems or if you have any other comments for us, please contact us.


The GNM-RBA can be found at The system is for registered users only. If you just want to have a look, please use the guest login with username  "GNM"  and password "gnm" at the login page.   After a successful login the user is IB Imageguided to his  user page and the  system adds two main menu buttons at the upper right corner. The creation of content is disabled in this system, as we want to preserve the data pool for demonstration purpose only.


The system provides an overview of the items of the collection. As the GMN is a german museum, the items are provided at the moment in german language only. Users can explore the data set by clicking "Navigation" and selecting the category "Museumsobjekt". After this a list of available objects can be navigated. Feel free to explore any object of the collection. Moreover the user may find an object with a form based search engine when clicking on the second button.

CIDOC 2010

The prototype presented at CIDOC 2010 can be found at As the users may create content there, please register yourself an account there and contact us after this for permissions.