Module Overview

The WissKI System comes as a bunch of drupal modules. At the beginning of the project, the stable version of Drupal was Drupal 6. Nowadays Drupal 7 is out and we promise to provide Drupal 7 modules as soon as possible. The WissKI system is based on four core modules and several advanced feature modules:

WissKI Triple Store API

This API enhances the basic features of Drupal by an ARC2 triple store and the required interfaces for interaction with the triple store. All other WissKI modules require this basic module. The module depends on the Drupal Path module, as Drupal pages with path aliases are generated for the data.

WissKI Base API

The WissKI Base API module enables new semantically enriched content types in the Drupal installation. Moreover it handles the creation, deletion, editing and management of these content types. Moreover the handling of the ontologies is managed by this module. As the semantic data of these content types is stored in the triple store, this module requires the WissKI Triple Store API.

WissKI Pathbuilder API

The backbone of the semantic annotation process is the WissKI Pathbuilder API module. The administrator is provided with an interface for the definition of sets of paths consisting of a concept of the given ontology connected via a property to another concept of the given ontology which itself can be connected via a property to another concept and so on. These definitions are used as "semantic patterns" for the creation of the data. Form fields with embedded semantics can be automatically constructed this way.

For example the administrator can define the following semantics for a person which results in the automatically generated form on the right:

IB Image


IB Image
















The same semantics are used in the WYSIWYG Editor, so data can be gathered by forms and free text and will be annotated the same way.

WissKI WYSIWYG Semantic Editor

WissKI provides a module for the integration of an automatic annotation tool developed by the AI department. The module enables a WYSIWYG editor which allows semantic annotation of free text while writing the text. The Pathbuilder API is required by this module.

IB Image

WissKI Name Authority API

The last of the four core modules is the WissKI Name Authority API. This API allows the integration of any name authority in SKOS format. For a list of supported name authorities please see the techwatch section here.

Advanced WissKI feature Modules

  • WissKI Discussion Module    
  • WissKI Navigation Module
  • WissKI Find Module
  • WissKI OAI-PMH Provider Module
  • WissKI SQL Import Module
  • WissKI Theme

and many more, currently still under development.