Use Cases

EDEN — Epigraphic Database Erlangen-Nuremberg

EDEN is a database of ancient inscriptions from today's western Turkey, in particular from the ancient cities of Metropolis in Ionia, Magnesia ad Maeandrum and Apollonia ad Rhyndacum.

WissKI @ Sammlungen der FAU

This pilot project explores the use of WissKI in the collections of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. Three collections from different domains map their data and data schemas to WissKI and CIDOC / Erlangen CRM, harmonizing and linking their data.

The first steps ... long long time ago

The ZFMK provides the Biodat Database, a database which holds taxonomic material of the insects collections of the ZFMK both at the species- and at the specimen level, and a database of the research diaries of a famous 19th century entomologist, Wilhelm Aerts, as use cases for the system. The GNM introduces a database of Goldsmith's Art in Nuremberg from the 16th to the 19th century which bears over 10000 objects and the research database of the the Early Duerer Research Project. For all four databases an application ontology is being developed which all import the WissKI Base Ontology and add more specific concepts and properties. The data is converted to RDF-triples and imported as instances of the application ontologies. This gives useful information about the performance and scalability of the system and the triple store. For instance the Aerts Diaries supply data of around 177 places, 12829 determination events and 1069 examination events which aggregates to approximately 1.4 Million triples.