After more than two years of intensive development, the WissKI project has released a new version of the WissKI VRE. The Fratnolc release follows the Mannochmore release and is to be the last major WissKI release based on Drupal 6. Any dependencies (i.e. the ARC2 triple store) are integrated in this release in contrast to releases on GITHUB. Required and some recommended third party modules are also included. This package was released on 22 January 2015.

Download Fratnolc

For installation and configuration instructions see the tutorial.

The package contains the following modules and libraries grouped into three directories:


  • admin_menu A module for more beautiful and user-friedly administration of Drupal
  • better_perms Administer permission page more easily
  • colorpicker A module that displays a color picker dialog. Used by the wisski_editor module settings page
  • filter_perms Administer permission page more easily
  • image_api An API for image handling in Drupal.
  • imagecache An API for image handling in Drupal.
  • jquery_update Updates the jQuery version shipped with Drupal. Used by the wisski_search module.
  • libraries A module to handle third party libraries
  • menu_per_role Show system menus according to permissions, hide menus from users who don't have the permission to see them
    wisski The WissKI core module, handles ontologies
  • wisski_accesspoint an API for common access to controlled vocabulary data
    • wisski_ap_store a type of accesspoint that allows to statically import triple data
  • wisski_discussion Changes comments to a discussion forum
  • wisski_endpoint A SparQL endpoint for direct access to the data stored in the WissKI VRE
  • wisski_find Adds a form to search for your data
  • wisski_iip An extension to the wisski_images module that integrates the IIP image Viewer. You need to install and configure the IIP image server separately.
  • wisski_images Display images that are semantically connected to entities
  • wisski_jit A graph visualization for data stored in the WissKI system
    • The Jit a graph visualization library
  • wisski_navigator Adds a form to navigate through your data
  • wisski_pages Beautifies the data entry and access forms
  • wisski_pathbuilder The basic module for ontological modelling form generation in the WissKI-system
  • wisski_reasoner A primitive reasoner for hierarchical calculations in the ontology needed by the pathbuilder
  • wisski_store The semantic backend of the WissKI-system
    • ARC2 a triple store written in PHP, used in WissKI for storing the triple data; the fork provided by Knurg is used.
  • wisski_textanly Automatic text analyses
  • wisski_textedit Extensions to the TinyMCE editor for semantic annotation
  • wisski_textmod Ontologcal modeling and display of free text field
  • wisski_texttrip Extract triples from semantically annotated text
  • wisski_vocab_ctrl Define and manage controlled vocabularies; Show popup infoboxes for referred entities in semantically annotated data.
    • qTip a library for displaying tooltips
  • wysiwyg Integrate What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get visual editors into Drupal, needed by the wisski_editor module
  • wysiwyg_button_order An extension to the wysiwyg module that allows for rearrangement of buttons in the toolbar


  • blendedmalts WissKI's standard theme that displays text, images and structured data at the same time.


  • tinymce The libraries for the TinyMCE editor