Installation Guide

The installation of WissKI is rather easy. Within minutes the typical web developer can get a normal Drupal Content Management System running and installing and configuring a basic WissKI system usually does not take any longer. We try to provide you with all necessary information, if you have any additions or find any problems in our Guide, please let us know!

We also suggest that you make yourself familiar with Drupal in general. Drupal is a great Content Management System and can serve you in many ways. On the following pages we first will talk about the prerequisites which have to be met for installing WissKI. As WissKI is based on Drupal we will then go a little into detail in installing Drupal in a typical web service environment. Afterwards we will show you how to configure a basic WissKI system and how to fire up the semantic free text editor.

The project WissKI @ Sammlungen der FAU provides some tutorials and modeling suggestions. Documentation is currently available only in German.