German National Library

We provide the following authority files of the German National Library as SPARQL endpoints:

  • Personennamendatei
    (Name Authority File)
  • Gemeinsame K├Ârperschaftsdatei
    (Corporate Body Authority File)
  • Schlagwortnormdatei
    (Subject Headings Authority File)

We provide the following authority files of as SPARQL endpoints:

  • Oberbegriffsdatei
    (Hypernym Taxonomy File)
  • Grobsystematik
    (Simple Subject Taxonomy File)
  • Hessische Systematik
    (Hessian Subject Taxonomy)

This service is a spin-off of WissKI, a project funded by the German Research Foundation 2009-2011. It is an experimental service only. It might be inaccessible, broken or flawed without any notice. We take no responsibility for the reliability of the service or the data. Do not use in production environments!

The service and the website are created and maintained by Georg Hohmann and Mark Fichtner. Don't hesitate to contact us.